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Fireside - Church Basement Ladies September 10, Sunday 2:30 pm
A   dozen   OWLS   attended   the   Fireside   to   enjoy   the   Church   Basement Ladies   accompanied   by   a   lot   of   laughs.   The   group   also   enjoyed   a   fine meal. All were thoroughly entertained. 
Dr. Larry & Sue Correll – 51 Years of Christian Leaders
Carol Josh gave the noon blessing as 24 OWLS gathered for another fine potluck lunch. Following lunch, Dr. Larry and Sue Correll gave an interesting presentation of their work over 51 years of Christian Ministry in Europe, Africa as well as North America. Larry has served as a Pastor in Beloit and live in the area. They spoke of their life in Africa in the bush teaching young men to be pastors. Sue acknowledged at a young age that she wanted to be a missionary, but she had to wait until she was in her 50’s for the Lord to call her to start a school in Africa. Larry followed months later. He spoke of the introduction of TV to the African tribe and how it kept them from coming to worship. Larry spoke of the 600 native boys and men taken by the British to help dig trenches during WWI and how they all drown when the ship went down in 1917. In 1999 the British finally recognized the tribe and built a statue in honor of them.  A brief meeting was held. There were 12 people who attended the Fireside on Sept. 10 to see the Church Basement Ladies. All had an enjoyable time.  Dave Markee reported we collected $37 and the group agreed to donate $50 to the Correll ministry.  Next Month: The meeting next month will be on Oct. 24. Paula Schutt of the Beloit Senior Center will be presenting the many options available to Beloit Seniors. Servers will be Kenitzers and Jackie U.
                                                            Larry discusses their time in Africa
                                                                             Larry & Sue Correll -- Christian Missionairies
Sue tying one of St. Paul’s comfort quilts