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Beloit Public Library Topic for OWLS
Snowmen Decorations done by Jean
Nick Dimassis, Beloit Public Library Director
The new year found 21 OWLS enjoying another potluck on January 25. Although there has only been a few inches of snow this winter, the theme for January was Jean’s snowmen. Our speaker today was Nick Dimassis, Library Director for the Beloit Public Library. Nick covered three main areas and addressed many questions following his presentation. The library system is continually changing. The first big change was the opening of the Blender Café last fall. The café cost approximately a half million dollars from various donations. The café has two administrators while all additional staff are school kids as a learning project. Secondly the library is exploring possible uses for the additional space available both on the second level and first level. Beloit is now one of a group of 28 library systems rather than the previous 7 systems for the exchange of resources. They are also in the process of rearranging their help areas from specific help areas to stations that will cover 90% of all questions. They are also looking at rearranging specific group areas. Dave M reported $35 donations for a total of $40.50 in the treasurer. Discussion on a Fireside concert was postponed to later. Lutherdale has a one day trip to Wrigley on August 14 for $80 per person. Those interested should contact Lutherdale. Next Month: The meeting next month will be held on February 22. The program will be Debbie Fischer, director of Youth 2 Youth 4 Change. Markees and Donna will be servers.