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Cheryl, “Mary”, and Mary
A great crowd of 27 OWLS met May 24 for another potluck and great presentation. Jean N. gave the blessing and 27 OWLS dug in for a delicious potluck. Panns decorated tables with plants that all could take home and plant in their garden. Cheryl Skelly and friend Mary from St. Paul Lutheran in Janesville brought their comfort dog “Mary” to inform us about this amazing program. Comfort dogs are used in times of trauma and grief. This program began in 2008 with the student shootings at NIU. In ten years, 2018, there are now 130 dogs that have been placed through Lutheran Church Charities. Comfort dogs are just that, they are there for comfort. They are different from Service dogs that are for a specific purpose and remain with one person. Their training period takes about a year and a half. They even have trading cards. There were 13 such dogs sent to the recent Texas shootings. St. Paul Janesville decided to receive a dog 2 years ago and just recently (3 months ago) received Mary. It is a very expensive process and entails 200 hours of training. There are only 5 in Wisconsin. The group donated $50 toward this program. Next Month: The meeting next month will be held on June 28. The program will be John Sabaka talking about the changes of downtown Beloit during the last 100 years. Ellen and Petersons will be servers. July will be the Pizza Picnic.
Cheryl Skelly and Comfort Dog “Mary”