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"St. Paul Lutheran Church is called to be an Inviting, Christ-Centered, Spiritually-Growing and Community-Serving church where we are led by love to implement Jesus' teachings."
OWLS - Senior Camper Day, August 1st
On August 1st, 9 OWLS traveled to Lutherdale Camp to participate in a Senior Camper Day. The weather was great for a day at camp. The morning began with a Bible study led by the Rev. Dick Inglett.  Dick teaches a Diakonia Class which helps develop church leadership. The Bible study was great. Everyone was then treated to a wonderful lunch. The group was then loaded on two pontoons for tour of Lauderdale Lakes.  There are actually 3 lakes, Green Lake, Middle Lake and Mill Lake also known as Don something.  These lakes are spring fed with one outlet.  Jeff Bluhm camp director gave a history of the lakes, shorelines and residents along the lake.  Lutherdale has the second largest shoreline on the lakes. All were then loaded on a wagon using church pews as seats for a tour of the entire Lutherdale grounds.  Besides the camp buildings we saw the new sports fields, the large garden, the farm with many animals, and the many areas for youth programs and games.  All enjoyed the day.
Pizza Picnic and Luther’s Reformation DVD
This year’s picnic found 22 OWLS enjoying a Pizza Party in the church fellowship hall. Sausage, pepperoni, and the kitchen sink were the choices of the day. A large salad followed by brownies and ice cream topped off the summer picnic. After the brief meeting, the DVD, Martin Luther and the Reformation, was shown. All commented it was very interesting. The Lutherdale Senior Camper day is scheduled for next Tues. August 1 with 9 people signed up. Cost is $20 and signup sheet will be posted on Bulletin board for rides. Pay that day.   A group of 12 will be going to see The Church Basement Ladies at the Fireside. The date will be Sunday, Sept. 10 with arrival at 2:30. Cost will be $70 and signup sheet is posted on the Bulletin board. Dave Markee reported a balance of $219.  The picnic cost was $75 leaving a $144 balance. Next Month: OWLS will meet next month on August 24 at noon.  
The DVD, Luther and The Reformation
OWLS Intently Watching The DVD